The Jones – our water repellent jacket – is not your average jacket. The utility, style, comfort and story behind it make up for a unique jacket suitable for this autumn or winter.

The utility – talking about water repellent – is one of the many reasons why this jacket is one of our favorites. The combination of materials out of which the jacket is made makes sure the weather conditions are not bothering the person who wears it. The mix of 70% cotton and 30% polyamide keeps you dry when it rains and warm when its cold. The polyamide prevents the jacket from wearing out fast and is easy to clean. Where many water repellent fabrics made out of polyamide contain PFC-chemicals, ours are PFC-free without losing the water and stain resistant properties.

The style is guaranteed by a clean design. Our designers were destined to give this jacket a classic look. The longer length of the jacket separates the jacket from the usual ones. Besides the length, the inside of the Jones is lined; adding just the bit of style it needed to be complete.

A great style combined with unmissable utility keeps you comfortable all autumn and winter long. Looking good makes you feel confident, staying dry and warm helps you relax. This combination ensures the comfort we promised you.

As mentioned, the jacket is produced with care in Portugal. Family owned factories – which we know for years – help us with the production process.

Employees who have a passion for creating the finest clothing ensure the quality we wish our products to be. Happy employees with a aligned vision when it is all about clothing are all we want, need and fortunate enough – have. We do not want to offer them anything less than good working conditions.

Available in Green and Navy.