The Merino knit – our new essential. Our essentials all have a clean design, nothing extraordinary or anything that does not suit an item which is supposed to have a calm look. The second thing that these items have in common is that the price is low for the quality we offer, you won’t find items this good for a price that low.

The sweater is produced in one of the family factories we cooperate with in Italy. The working conditions for the employees are important to us, this is the main reason why we work with these family businesses.

The quality is guaranteed by the fact that this item is produced in Italy. The fabric which is used is 100% Italian merino wool and the 12 gauge knit (an indication of how many stitches a garment has per inch) makes sure that the fabric is a little thicker than usual.

As said before, the style is guaranteed by a clean and timeless design. A regular looking sweater with high quality fibres – combinable with any piece of clothing - makes up for a sustainable item. A true essential.

Our essentials have this name for a reason. They all have something in common which makes them essential to have.

The one thing that characterizes our essential collection the most is that it is never out of stock. Because these products are easy to combine with any piece of clothing and made out of high quality, we want to have them ready for you every day of the year.

Available in Army Green , Grey and Navy.