Retailer Bezoek-Over. levensstijl voor mannen

Randy! How is it? 
It ' s going very well, thanks. A good summer season turned in the store, can party on Lowlands. And now ready for an important season, FW18. 

I ' m curious, can you imagine?
Of course. My name is Randy Hoogeweegen (29), owner of OVER. lifestyle for one. After studying fashion management at TMO Fashion Business School, I have been allowed to work at leading stores in the modebranche. Then I was already working on my business plan for what final about. has become. 

Zo ongeveer. You just do it?
No, not all. ABOUT. was created using a large support group (crowdfunding). And I still get support in all areas. 

When is About started?
Day dreams of About. maybe started in high school. Then another vague idea and some cries on paper. But the effect was in 2015. 

Can you tell a little more about the concept/your brands package? 
It ' s a hang-out for like-minded men. We go for a unique shopping experience in a relaxed setting. With oldskool hip hop music from the speakers and cold beers in the fridge. 

We sell brands such as Samsoe & Samsoe, NN07, Filippa K, Won Honderd, Stutterheim, Olaf Hussein, hi-tec sneakers and of course The Good People. 

Where are the challenges for a brand/shop like About? 
The store is constantly reinventing. From decoration and a il brands package, to online growth and expansion. 

Right now I ' m working to get the online store at the same level as the physical store. Tough task, but it ' s gonna work. For the past three years, a strong social media account has been built. If everything is up and running, you get the perfect triangle: social media, online store, offline store.

Why matcht The GoodPeople so well? 
Goede mensen voor goede mensen. It is a fine and quality brand, with production in Europe. Add a team of great people and crazy cooperation. And you have all the ingredients for a good match.

The Miami Vibes party was good he? 
I ' m still coming up with beer caps.  

Still cool projects that are coming?
Crowdfunding party at the end of September. To thank the people who invested three years ago. ADE drink in October with disco/house greatness Mureau. And then with the boys of Pig & Hen a Christmas event, to close the year in glory.

Let ' s organize some quickly again! 
I ' m up!